The serene and beautiful setting makes this an ideal location for retreats and gatherings, both residential and non-residential.

Guests can count on the community to provide uninhibited support during one’s stay so as to enhance the achievement of the purpose of the stay. The services Offered include:

  1. Directed and Guided Retreats
  2. Counseling Sessions
  3. Bible Study
  4. Seminars, Workshops, and other gatherings (Residential and Non-Residential)
  5. Accommodation and Boarding

Whether you are seeking a retreat or day of reflection, spiritual direction, or an inviting option for time with your group, Mary Reparatrix Retreat House offers you tranquility indoors and out.

You will find the staff hospitable yet unobtrusive, fully aware that the most important encounter here is with the Holy One, who invites you to tender and compassionate awareness through exploration, prayer, conversation or silence.